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Originally designed as a computer version of the personal budget analysis system developed by Mory Brenner while an active attorney helping people settle their debt and avoid bankruptcy, this program serves three purposes. First it allows people to organize their monthly finances. Secondly and perhaps most importantly the program automatically checks that the person entering information into their budget worksheet has included all expense and income items. Not truly understanding where your money goes emerges as one of the top reasons people end up in debt trouble or with a visit to a bankruptcy lawyer. The program forces the user to rework their budget until it determines that they have managed to create a budget that accounts for all of their personal income, expenses, cash inflow and out flow. Finally the program offers an analysis of the actual budget presented by the user. Maybe the budget gives insight that financial disaster lies ahead or will compliment the user that they were able to make a good budget. The person may then use the program to make any adjustments that they need to stay out of trouble. After the budget analysis process the user will find options for help with budget changes to create a balanced budget, help with various debt problems or retirement planning. Follow the example on the following pages of the tutorial to better understand how to use the program, have another window or tab with the personal home budget page open and enter the numbers as the tutorial instructs:

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