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He now goes through his statements and the expenses list. He sees his rent check of $1100, gas for heat $125 (this would be listed as natural gas even though it is his heat, you could do it the other way if you like but do not list it twice), electricity, $40, automobile payment $729, auto insurance, $119, cable $70 (that includes high speed internet, you may break it up if you like, but make sure not to list twice), $200 as a payment on his credit card.

Now he looks at his credit card statement, he has cut back because he does not like the fact that he feels he has budget trouble. He only charged one item to the credit card that month, a $100 deposit on a ring for his girlfriend (she doesn’t know about it yet). He puts 100 under other expenses and puts the $100 in the middle column under “Charged to credit card”.


Now he thinks about that final column. In January there was a phone bill he put off until February; it was $119. On the telephone line he puts $119 in the third column under “Due but not paid this month”.

Now he must think about other money he spent, mostly with cash. He thinks hard, maybe $80 in gasoline for the car, $100 in groceries, $75 on dates. He ads entries as $80 gas, $100 for main groceries, $25 for movies and $50 restaurants. He thinks a bit and feels he has the big stuff. Tom now scrolls down and hits the “Calculate and Analyze” button, you may enter all of these numbers and follow along by doing exactly what is described:

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