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Tom’s personal checking statement runs from January 1 to January 31. The starting balance was $1500 and the ending balance was $1000. He adds up all deposits from the checking account they add up to $2859. He enters all of these numbers at the top of the program.

Most people now go through their bank statement first and make sure every item has a place in the budget program. Tom looks at all his deposits. He got $2759 in pay checks, and a $100 birthday check from his uncle. In reading down the list he sees the item cash gifts from friends and relatives. This should be for CASH gifts, just as it says, his uncles check does not go here, but he remembers that he has dinner with his parents every Sunday and they give him $50 every time. That month there were 5 Sundays so he puts $250 in that field. Unsecured debt means loans not attached to a particular item.

Tom has $5000 as a balance on his credit card, and $1000 his boss lent him, he enters $6000 there, his car loan is secured by the car; it does not go in that spot. Do not put anything in as a sub-total or total, the program will do that on analysis.


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